Five Things NOT to Use in Your Novel

With all the editing I’ve done lately, and after looking back at some of my oldest work (which was really pathetic), I thought I’d share some tips that I wish someone had told me when I began writing fiction. Below are five things not to use in your novel, all of which I have at some point used in my own writing.

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Active vs. Passive Voice

A sentence demonstrating passive voice.

A very passive sentence

I think that everyone out there who’s writing a story has probably heard this piece of advice before: use active, not passive, voice.

When I first came across this, I had absolutely no idea what it meant. I think I was going to google it, but I must have forgotten. So for the longest time, I was ignorant of what passive and active voice were.

Then it popped up in my Latin studies. (If there’s one way to learn English grammar, I’d say learn Latin.) Thanks to Latin, I now understand this so well, that I’m hoping I can explain it all in English well enough for others to understand.

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Five Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Novel

A picture of the woodlands on our property

This is a place I often go to take a break from writing.

I know there are many people out there working relentlessly on their novels this November. Writing so many words in a month can be hard, especially if you find yourself lacking inspiration or are stuck on a scene that refuses to keep you interested.

I’ve been there before, more times than I’d really like, but I’ve found some ways to spark my creative muse and generate some pretty awesome ideas for my story. My ways may not work for everyone, but I suggest trying one or two if you’re having a staring contest with the blank screen in front of you.

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