NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 28

Okay, the book won. No writing got done yesterday. *head desk*

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope everyone had a fun time with family and friends and stuffed themselves with great food. I know I did.

10:25 PM-11:20 PM: Wow, I didn’t even write for an hour today, nor did I break 2k. But you know something? I’ve come to terms with the fact that my story won’t reach 75k. And that’s perfectly okay. 🙂

You see, my story is about to end. There is one last major problem in store for my characters, but I could basically finish the thing right now, if I really wanted to.

I really don’t want to.

Last year, I finished my novel on November 28. While I am obsessed with beating records (or at least trying to maintain myself somewhere near them), I don’t want to finish my novel today.

My reason? Last year, it was absolutely glorious to have a manuscript at 75k, finished, on Day 28. Except that, when Day 29 came, I felt really stupid. NaNo wasn’t over, people were still writing their novels and having fun, some people were racing to get to the finish line in time, and here I was, twiddling my thumbs with nothing to write. I go through serious NaNo withdrawal, and last year was made worse by the fact that I finished two days early.

Maybe it’s silly for me to think this, but I want to be able to experience NaNo all the way up to the last minute. I want to procrastinate, then hate myself later and pound out the last scene of my novel at record speed. I want a little more risk, I want to be watching the clock realizing I may not make it, I want there to be just as much suspense in getting the novel finished as there is in my story…

Heh, I’m beginning to think I like torturing myself. But this is what happens when you attempt something called National Novel Writing Month, aka, National Going Insane Month.

Before I end my post, I want to share a line from my story. It’s definitely not the best thing I’ve ever written, but it made me laugh after I typed it, especially because it had to do with Magni:

Magni’s voice stumbled over his tongue as he tried forcing words out through a dumb smile.

Hopefully, he’ll have more to say tomorrow (so that I can stretch the story to last tomorrow and the 30th ;)).

Words written today: 1,868

Total words written: 68.494

Scenes edited today: 0

Total scenes edited: 15


I Stink at Note Taking

A photo showing my favorite little notebook and my favorite writing pen.

This is my favorite notebook (with my favorite pen). If I’m without my iPod, story notes get written down here.

As the title of this post suggests, I’m not very good at taking notes. I never have been. Because, if I’m listening to someone talk and I try taking quick notes of what they say, I end up missing some of what they just said. Which is frustrating and distracting (and I end up with a bunch of messy notes I can’t even read).

So I rarely take notes. And that lack of practice is a stumbling block in my writing life.

I recently chanced upon some notes I took concerning my second novel (my 2012 NaNo novel) while trying to organize my Scrivener file (it’s as messy as my room, and, because of that, I had forgotten to utilize those notes during NaNo). From the looks of one of the notes, I must have had an idea for a sentence strike me in the middle of the night, and I must have quickly jotted it down before I forgot it, because I can’t tell what in the world I was trying to say.

What’s really sad is that I gave the one-liner some context, but I still don’t understand what it means (or what gave me the urge to write it down in the first place, since it lacks brilliance).

I’ll go ahead and post the sentence here in all it’s glory for you to puzzle over: Perhaps the person who was meant to have this is someone I know.

Here’s the context that I had written in the note: the sentence belongs in the second book in the scene where MC discovers and reads her master’s journal.

That’s not really a lot to go on, since I don’t even know who said or thought it (my story is written in third person, so someone must have said/thought it).

Now, that particular scene was one I outlined in great detail during October, as I had every little nitty-gritty detail transferred from my mind to paper. Yet I can’t imagine my MC thinking that line or her master writing that line down in the journal, so I’m just left trying to decipher who said/thought it, and what exactly they were talking about.

If anyone has this same problem, I’d love to hear from you (and maybe learn a few tips to avoid this mess again in the future).

In the mean time, I’m going to busy myself by learning how to take better notes.

NaNoWriMo: Day 15

All I can say is: wow. Half way through the month, and my characters just blew me way with the last hundred words.

12:00 AM-12:10 AM: I was angry at myself for last night’s screw up, so I did an extra word war after midnight. It was a 10 minute one, but I got a nice 435 words out of it.

11:25 AM-11:35 AM: I got to speech class early, so I decided to try to get a 10 minute session in. I tried writing to a new song, which didn’t work very well, so I ended up with a word count of 122. But, considering it was on my iPod, I guess it wasn’t too bad. Typing on that thing is slow business!

9:40 PM-11:45 PM: I finally got an early start on my late night writing! Things were so interesting with my characters. The insane guy just keeps sending everyone spinning, while another petty argument arose later on. So, I had a nice balance of seriousness and annoyingness (that really should be a word).

Since the last bit of today’s writing blew me away with how distracting and annoying my characters can be, I thought I’d share it here. (The MC is Millie, who felt very similar to how I felt at hearing and writing this.):

Millie sat exhausted on her bed. Five hours of discussion had circulated the room, most of it consisting of Magni and Roxanne commentary.

“Those two can really keep things distracting,” Natalie said.

“Shut up!” Roxanne said, still laying on the bed.

“I think Mitchell must have hit her too hard,” Magni said. “She’s stuck saying ‘shut up.’ I can’t figure out how to make her vary her sentences.”

“Look in the owners manual,” Millie suggested.

“He probably lost it,” Natalie said.

Magni pretended to be offended. “I don’t lose things! I know where all my belongings are. I keep everything in neat order.”

“Have you seen his closet?” Roxanne said.

“You’re not broken!” Magni said, using it as an excuse to hug her.

“Shut up!”

“Oh, you can’t fool me twice!”

Millie threw her head on her pillow, wishing the nonsense would just go away.

See what I mean? They just won’t stop talking. It makes it really hard when all you want to do is wrap up a scene and move on.

(And yes, I’m aware that the little snippet above probably sucks, but it’s in raw, first draft form. I did not edit it one bit upon posting here, so you see everything as I first did.)

I participated in seven 10 minute word wars, and wrote for one 5 minute session (because I got myself messed up with the wars and had to wait an extra five minutes for the next one). I wrote 2,688 words.

I also forgot to mention that I donated to NaNoWriMo during their Donation Day. So I will proudly display the Donation Day web badge here on my blog, if/when I can figure out how to use it!

Total word count today: 3,245

Total word count: 40,826

P.S. That above excerpt is copyrighted. Do not repost or quote anywhere or in any format. (I am paranoid someone will steal my writing or ideas, but I’m trying to get over it.) Thanks! 🙂