NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 26

If today had been any other day of the month, I would have probably stayed up reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest until I finished it. I normally am not a fan of adult novels (mostly because they aren’t as engaging as YA), especially when they’re so graphic, but Larsson’s books are the exception. πŸ™‚

10:00 PM-11:25 PM: I told myself that I’d start writing at 9:30, but, well, that’s when the book just got a bit more interesting. So interesting that I had to finish reading the long chapter. And start the next one.

But I managed to put the book down and focus on my own tonight. πŸ™‚ I almost wrote 3k today, but I wanted to end my story on a good note so that I’d want to work on it more tomorrow. That way, I won’t be tempted by the Hornet’s Nest (that is, if I don’t finish reading the book before my usual writing time).

So, the story did get interesting. (Mine, I mean. :P) Bad guy got away, MMC almost died, and now my main character is on the warpath. She is really, really angry. Using her own words here would not be appropriate. (I’m often amazed at my character’s cursing abilities, because I don’t swear, and it’s weird typing those words onto the page and hearing her say them in my head. 0.0)

Oh, and she managed to track the bad guy down again, so now the *final* battle is happening. I stopped at the point right where she got thrown off a balcony.

Yeah, she’s losing at the moment.

I do realize that my story will probably wind up shorter than 75k. That bothers me a little, because I have mentally been preparing for 75k this entire month, and stopping short of that feels like I failed to beat last year’s word count of 75,780.

Why do I have to be so obsessed with beating records? WHY?

Reminder to self: The real goal was to finish the novel. 75k was just putting a number on it, something I could aim for.

But you know what? The ending, where all my characters reunite and laugh and have fun, is going to produce a lot of words. I have this note I made a year ago about a funny conversation that popped into my head (about two sentences worth), and since it involves Magni, I just *know* I’m going to have a hard time shutting him up.

But this time, I don’t think I’ll try. πŸ˜‰

Words written today: 2,956

Total words written: 66,626 (Hey, that’s pretty cool, because today is the 26th, so it all matches! πŸ˜€ What can I say, I’m OCD.)

Scenes edited today: 0

Total scenes edited: 15


Haunted At 17

Haunted At 17

Author Nova Ren Suma is celebrating the release of her new novel, 17 & GONE, this week (today, actually!) and has asked any number of her writer friends to share what haunted them at 17 (well, I don’t really know her, as I’m just a big fan of her writing). Be sure to check out her blog to see all the authors taking part in the series.

So, what’s haunted me at 17? Well, for starters, I’m actually 17 right now.

No ghosts or creepy people are haunting me at the moment (that’s why there’s no picture of me here, as I don’t want to encourage any creepy internet stalking). But I think what haunts me now is just the fact that I’ll be going to college next year, and the fact I’m almost an adult. (That last fact really hit home when I registered to vote while getting my learner’s permit. I can vote this November!)

While going to college and living on one’s own might be exciting for some 17-year-olds, it’s the opposite for me. I hate change. I’m going to miss my house where most of my life’s memories reside. I’m going to miss the woods and fields where I escaped to and write and chase butterflies. I’m going to miss my dogs and cat. I’m going to miss my funny little brother. I’m going to miss my loving parents who support me in everything.

I’m basically going to miss everything about where I live, both the good and the bad.

Of course, there are things to look forward to in college (new friends, studying the things I love), but the actual change from home to college is what scares me the most right now. I don’t like the thought of uprooting myself and moving to a strange new location, all while being completely on my own.

I know that my life will never be constant, that it will be full of changes, and that I will adapt to whatever comes my way, but knowing this doesn’t necessarily scare the fear away. I just have to brace myself, be prepared, and be positive no matter what happens.

On the bright side, at least no matter where I go or how old I get, I will always have my laptop, my annoying characters, and the story they’re screaming at me to write.

A Late Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I’ve been quite busy over this holiday season. I’ve made Christmas presents for my friends, had fun at family gatherings, and have worked hard on revising my novel. I also received a ton of new books for Christmas, so I know I can reward myself for (or more likely, distract myself from) my writing by curling up with a new story.

While most of this Christmas break has been a fun one, these past couple days have been a little sad, as we had to put one of our cats to sleep (the poor thing had been diabetic for a while, and her kidneys failed her).

Besides that, everything’s been great here. And the snow has been absolutely gorgeous. I’m not much of a winter person, but I’ve really enjoyed walking and photographing the snow (and even the shoveling, to a degree).

I’m planning on spending this coming January on JanNo, although I have nothing new to write (or finish). The small community if writers there is so friendly and fun to hang out with, and I’m hoping they will help keep me motivated and on track to finish editing the middle portion of my novel by the end of January.

How has everyone else’s Christmas holiday been? Anyone get several inches of snow? Or some awesome gifts?