I suppose it’s about time to have a special page for things related to my novel-in-progress, Secrets.

The story is a contemporary YA fantasy with a pinch of romance. I’ve posted the first three chapters so far on FictionPress, which you’re welcome to read (and even review if you like ^_^). As terrified as I am of sharing my work, I’d love to have you read it so far!

If you didn’t feel like clicking the link to find out what the story is about, perhaps I can interest you with a little blurb. (Blurbs are not my strong suit, but I’m working on it):

A young bullied girl gets caught up in a secret war fought by strange creatures. While she struggles to find a place where she truly belongs, she also struggles to keep herself and her new friends alive and safe from the enemy. Can she find a life among the creatures and live in safety? Or will the many secrets everyone keeps from each other tear everything apart?


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