NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 18

This has probably been the craziest noveling day in the history of NaNoWriMo.

2:50 PM-3:40 PM: Before I go jumping into the craziness, I first must say that I edited 2 scenes today. While still behind on this goal, I’m happy with the way Secrets is coming along, and I’d rather go slowly and do a better job than rush through it and make more of a mess.

8:46 PM-11:59 PM: Okay, now for the craziness. So, if you remember last year, I broke 50k on Day 19. Now, knowing me, I always like to beat records, right? The last thing I wanted to do was get to 50k again on Day 19 this year. It just seemed too repetitive, like I wasn’t trying hard enough to do something awesome. Besides, it just so happens that my biology class falls on the 19th, which means that probably no writing will get done. That would have meant I would have reached 50k on Day 20.

I was not going to let that happen.

However, I procrastinated with writing, like I always do. But unlike the usual writing days, instead of needing 2.5k, I needed 5,460 words to make 50k before midnight. When I did the math, that equated to about twelve 10 minute word wars. I do four of them in an hour, so I needed three hours.

If I started at 9:00 PM, I would make it. Just to be safe, though, I planned on starting at about 8:45 PM to get an extra word war in.

As you can see by the time indicated above, I started one minute late. Not too bad, except that I had a little problem.

I totally forgot that I needed Dad to help me with something when he got home. Something that was most likely going to eat about a half hour or more out of my writing schedule. And suddenly, just like that, I wasn’t going to have enough time to get to 50k before midnight.

For once in my life, word wars were actually going to slow me down. I didn’t have the time for the five minute breaks in between wars.

I wrote for 20 minutes, then 6, and then 11. I couldn’t keep going at a steady pace. The TV was on, I was waiting for Dad to get home, and I was just too worried about not making the goal. I had written 1,139 words at this point, with two and a half hours to go.

The pressure was on.

I got a 10 minute war in and then wrote for 2 more minutes before Dad got home. Word count: 1,684. Words to go: 3,776.

He helped me for about an hour, and the clock was ticking. I got in bed a bit after 10:30 and jumped in late on a word war at 10:35. Then, I wrote for 4 minutes during the break, did another 10 minute word war, then wrote for another 2 minutes during the break.

But this wasn’t working. It was 11:05, my word count was at 2,870, and I still needed to write 2,590 more words in under an hour.

Boy, you have no idea how much I was panicking.

I did one more 10 minute word war, and I beat my all time record with 552 words! I only paused to post it on the forums and compulsively update my word count before I completely ditched the wars. This was my night. I was not going to stop writing until midnight, whether I had 50k or not. Even the small breaks I allowed myself for brief posting and compulsive updating had been slowing me down. I needed to keep my face in the story and not look away.

So, from 11:06 to 11:59, I kept my face in the story. I even stopped myself from correcting typos, or trying to spell bigger words that kept tripping up my fingers. There just wasn’t time.

When I paused to glance down at my session count, I wrote 2,066 words! In just 53 minutes, I wrote over 2k! That has to be some kind of record for me.

And when you do the math, here is what it all comes to: 5,488 words for the day. Meaning I got to 50,028 words one minute before midnight! 😀 I did it, despite the fact that I thought it was going to be impossible.

This just goes to show that even when you think you can’t make your word count (and you even have the math to prove you won’t make it), you can still prove yourself wrong. Never ever give up, because if you work hard enough to reach your goal, you will make it. 🙂

Words written today: 5,488

Total words written: 50,028

Scenes edited today: 2

Total scenes edited: 15


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