NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 15

Halfway mark of NaNoWriMo! This month is going by way too fast. 😦

I need to keep this post brief, because I have stayed up way too late tonight. I’ve gotta get up super early tomorrow, and staying up close to midnight was a bad idea.

4:05 PM-4:20 PM: I started editing outside, but it rained on me, and I had to pack up early. So, yeah, I never did finish editing that scene when I got back into the house…oh well. If I get back home early enough tomorrow, I may try to finish it.

10:00 PM-11:25 PM: I wanted to write up till midnight, but like I said above, doing so is a pretty stupid idea when I need to be up before 5:30 AM. Ugh, I hate getting up early, but it’ll all turn out good. I’m excited about the time I’m going to get to spend with my dad and a bunch of good friends tomorrow. Just wish the drive wasn’t going to be so long (and that I didn’t have to get up so early).

Anyway, six 10 minute word wars, 2,795 words, and a story that has stayed on track (meaning no characters misbehaved on me). It was a good writing day, and I hope I’ll have more time tomorrow to add to it!

Words written today: 2,795

Total words written: 41,455

Scenes edited today: 0

Total scenes edited: 13


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