NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 7

It’s hard for me to believe that the first week of NaNo is about over. 😦 I love this event, and I sometimes wish it would never end.

1:00 AM-1:10 AM: This just goes to show that I somehow forgot to go to sleep after posting last night. (Technically, though, I posted wicked early this morning…no wait, it’s past midnight now, so…oh, forget it. Midnight makes things so complicated.) I did a word war with a buddy and added 466 words to my novel. Good start for Day 7! After that, I stayed up for another hour doing nothing productive and totally missed out on sleep.

4:20 PM-5:10 PM: Before dinner, I took a long walk outside with my laptop and tried to edit Secrets. It didn’t go so well, unfortunately. I’ve reached a really hard scene that I’ve been struggling with for the longest time. I succeeded in tearing the entire thing apart, but barely got the thing put back together. However, to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something (and I did, really, but I still don’t quite like the results…), I’m going to say that I edited 0.5 scenes today. If all goes well tomorrow, I should have that scene looking more like…well, a scene.

10:50 PM-11:52 PM: I have this really awesome tendency. I tell myself I’m going to start writing at about nine and get done a bit early so I can go right to bed. I somehow goof around on the internet and waste so much time that I barely have enough left for the day to make 2.5k.

This pressure makes me really productive.

I did five 10 minute word wars and a 6 minute session, racking up over 2k. If it hadn’t been for that 1:00 AM word war, I would have fallen short of 2.5k.

Anyway, the story is getting interesting. I mean, it was interesting before, but Magni has now shown up, and he had a surprise for me: he can speak Swedish. Swedish. I mean, I knew his parents weren’t American, but I had no idea he was bilingual. I wonder what he’s going to throw at me next…

Words written today: 2,607

Total words written: 20,745

Scenes edited today: 0.5

Total scenes edited: 6.5


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