The Calm Before the Storm

Just under two hours before NaNo begins! I am totally excited about it this year.

I finished my outline earlier today, so now I’m just relaxing. Well, trying to relax. It’s hard when I know that I’ll be attempting to write 10k after midnight.

At the moment, I’m just watching some football. I love the fact that there are more Thursday night games, as I love watching football before (and while) I write. What makes this night even better is that the Bengals are playing. Big Bengals fan. Although they’re losing as I type this…

Anyway, I’ll try to do a post a day throughout November, documenting the ups and downs of writing a novel and editing another. I’ll probably be back here later tonight (I mean, really early tomorrow morning), to tell of my process. And if I fail to show up, it’s because I fell asleep.

I’m off to read some more NaNoToons to get myself wound up for the writing frenzy. Good luck to all you WriMos out there attempting the event this year!


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