It’s Time to Panic

Panicking is an understatement. I’ve been way too busy lately with college apps, college classes, tests, and other miscellaneous things (which is pretty obvious by my lack of posting on this blog) to work on my outline for NaNoWriMo this year (or really do any writing, for that matter). I normally like to have a really long outline before NaNo starts, and I usually begin the outlining process a month or two in advance (which is weird, since I procrastinate with everything else…). But this year, the outlining didn’t truly begin until maybe a week into October, and I still have quite a few notes to take.

And the event begins this Friday. *panics*

I was also crazy enough to make a Day One Ridiculous Goal of 10k. I’m beginning to second guess myself with that one…

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I failed at getting my first book published before my eighteenth birthday. (Because of a ton of other summer activities…which is also why there was not a whole lot of posting going on over the summer months. You can blame these cute little babies for everything.) It makes me a bit sad that I failed my goal, but, in a way, it’s good that I didn’t rush publishing my novel. I found out that I need to drastically change some things in the first book after working on the outline for the third.

Besides getting hyped up for NaNo, I also just want to get that first book ready for my family to read through. My issues with showing people my work have not improved, and my mom has been asking lately for more chapters (which is good, really good, except that now is not a good time because I have thirty days to write a new novel and the craziness starts in a day…).

So, in an effort to make my life more miserable, crazy, and totally awesome, I’m going to try to edit one scene a day from my first novel, Secrets (to hopefully keep Mom happy), while also aiming everyday to write 2.5k on my third novel. (Which is tentatively titled Enemies. Last year’s goal of writing 75k for NaNo and actually attaining it makes me want to try it again this year.) This is probably going to end in total failure.

We’ll have to see how all that goes. Right now, I really need to finish that outline.


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