A Late Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I’ve been quite busy over this holiday season. I’ve made Christmas presents for my friends, had fun at family gatherings, and have worked hard on revising my novel. I also received a ton of new books for Christmas, so I know I can reward myself for (or more likely, distract myself from) my writing by curling up with a new story.

While most of this Christmas break has been a fun one, these past couple days have been a little sad, as we had to put one of our cats to sleep (the poor thing had been diabetic for a while, and her kidneys failed her).

Besides that, everything’s been great here. And the snow has been absolutely gorgeous. I’m not much of a winter person, but I’ve really enjoyed walking and photographing the snow (and even the shoveling, to a degree).

I’m planning on spending this coming January on JanNo, although I have nothing new to write (or finish). The small community if writers there is so friendly and fun to hang out with, and I’m hoping they will help keep me motivated and on track to finish editing the middle portion of my novel by the end of January.

How has everyone else’s Christmas holiday been? Anyone get several inches of snow? Or some awesome gifts?


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