A New Writing Schedule

With Christmas break just a week away, I thought I would post my new writing plans here, for all the world to see (so that it will be harder for me to back out of them).

I’ve gone back to editing my first novel, which is still a mess. It’s so much slower than writing was during November, but I need to keep at it if I’m going to get anything done.

Here’s the new, crazy plan: even though I’m not a morning person, my goal is to wake up around 5:30-6:00 every morning and edit my novel for an hour or two, and then start school (I’m homeschooled, so I make my own schedule).

Why would I edit my novel so early in the morning if I hate getting up early? While I love writing late at night (as all my posts during NaNoWriMo prove), it’s really not the best habit to get into, especially when I have trouble getting up for school at a normal hour the next morning.

There’s other benefits at rising early too. Like getting a head start on school if I have a bad day of editing. And having no internet for distractions. (We have to turn off our little MiFi unit during the night, or otherwise it could send data to computers that aren’t doing anything and push us over our data limit for the month.)

And, since the daylight hours now are so short, editing at 6:00 AM feels exactly like writing at 11:30 PM: dark room (except for my little Christmas tree), bright screen, peaceful house, sleeping people, tired eyes, total seclusion.

I’ll still probably edit outside too on my iPod (if the weather gets nicer), but, for the most part, the editing will get done in the morning.

You may be wondering why I just don’t do it after school in the afternoon, or perhaps before dinner. The reason is just as weird and quirky as I am: I can’t edit/write on my laptop during the day in my room.

I think it’s because it’s light in my room (and I see all those tempting, distracting books), I can hear Otto downstairs bothering all the other dogs (which makes me want to get up, go downstairs, and scold him until he behaves), I can hear people talking on the phone upstairs (which means I can’t focus), and, most annoying of all, people can come in my room and interrupt me (whether it’s to ask a question, tell me something that’s really not that important, or inform me that I forgot to do the cat box and I should go do it now before I forget again).

So that’s why I do all my writing and editing outside during the day when I have the chance. And, when I do write or edit inside, it’s when everyone else is sleeping (and when it’s dark).

And since I want to get on a better, healthier sleeping schedule, that leaves only the dark, early morning hours for editing.

As of right now, I’ve kept to this schedule for two days in a row. (And it’s actually been quite fun.) Let’s see how I’m feeling by Day 5…


2 thoughts on “A New Writing Schedule

  1. cricketmuse says:

    It’s hard to get motivated when it’s dark, isn’t it. I don’t have time in the morning and it’s already dark when I get home. My production is really suffering. Today it’s Saturday, and sunny and I’m determined to get things accomplished!
    Thanks for the stop by,

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