NaNoWriMo: Day 25

Yes, if you’re wondering, I didn’t do any writing yesterday. Well, okay, I actually did.

I wrote one sentence in my notebook as we sat in our car before my grandfather’s memorial service started. But, since I never got it typed up yesterday, I decided that I would count it as today’s writing instead. Besides, it was only 11 words.

I really truly didn’t want to miss a day this month, but spending the day with my extended family just…well, let’s just say, if you ever met them, you’d completely understand.

To make up for it, I had the crazy idea of shooting for 5k today; 2.5k for yesterday, and then another 2.5k for today. I already know I’ve been insane for aiming for 75k this month. Why not add a little more insanity?

8:25 PM-11:35 PM: The insanity begins. I had reason enough to do some math, and concluded that I could easily write 1,400 words in an hour with word wars. Four hours would bring me to 5,600 words, so I would have to start around 8:00 PM-ish to be certain I would make the goal.

I did start late, but that didn’t deter me.

And, my goodness, aiming for that many words in one day does bring out the worst in one’s characters. Or it just brings out the worst in me, and therefore made me decide to kill off one of my characters. Even though said character was a dog, she was a very important dog (and character) to the story.

She is sorely missed by everyone except me. Rest in peace, Tiffy. *Cue sad music and evil laugh.*

Now, down to all the numbers. I had originally thought I would need about fifteen or sixteen word wars to bring me to my goal. Instead, thirteen 10 minute word wars with 5 minute breaks in between brought me well past the line! Including the eleven words I wrote yesterday (because it makes the number more even, and I like even numbers), I wrote 5,130 words! That is a record I don’t think I’ll ever beat or come close to again! My previous record for most words in one day was around 3,400 words.

This just goes to show that, with determination, focus (no distractions!), insanity, and a bit of math, anything is possible.

Total word count today: 5,130 words

Total word count: 67,498 words

P.S. I forgot to mention that validating started today! I’m now officially a NaNoWriMo winner! I will proudly display the appropriate web badges if/when I figure out how to put them up on my blog.


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