NaNoWriMo: Day 22

Yay for a great Thanksgiving! I hope everyone celebrating had a great meal! (I know I sure did, thanks to Dad’s awesome cooking.)

I debated on whether or not to write tonight. Part of me said no, since I’m really far ahead on my 75k goal and deserve at least one night this month going to bed early.

But the other part of me said yes, because November only lasts for thirty days and I should spend every one of those days up late writing! December is all about sleeping in and going to bed early.

10:00 PM-11:15 PM: That said, I decided I would compromise. I am really tired, so I thought I would do some writing, but not with the intent of making it another 2.5k writing night. I would just write for however long I wanted.

It worked pretty well. I had fun with my characters (although they were having a miserable time, since one of them had a leg amputated) and a blast with the story’s direction. The outline is now useful again, so that also makes me happy. (If the outline were a straight line, my novel has been shooting up and down that line, and it has just now returned parallel to the outline. I know. Horrible comparison, but really, can you blame someone who’s trying to write a coherent 75k novel in a month?)

I only felt like doing five 10 minute word wars, since they were enough for me to write an entire scene. I got 2,062 words during this time.

While I’m slightly disappointed that this is the third day I haven’t been able to reach 2,500 words, I’m still grateful for being so far ahead with my word count. And I’m also thankful for the way the story is coming.

Writing tonight like this has been the perfect way to end Thanksgiving. 🙂

Total word count today: 2,062 words

Total word count: 59,646 words


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