NaNoWriMo: Day 21

I can’t believe how nice it was outside today! I’m glad I could spend the day working out in the yard and writing in my little notebook.

2:15 PM-2:55 PM: I actually would have written on my iPod touch, but I’d forgotten it needed to be charged, so I couldn’t use it outside today. However, I wrote a lot in my little notebook and got all the boring stuff in the beginning of the scene written.

I wrote for two 10 minute sessions with a 20 minute break in between. (I really do get distracted out there.) I got 490 words written, but I could have gotten more. I just wanted to make sure I could read my own handwriting! (Because I have a lot of trouble doing that.)

10:05 PM-11:40 PM: Wow, what a night for my characters! No stupid arguments! No scene-dragging! It was all just a run-or-die kind of evening for them. 😀

So, yes, there was lots of shooting, some fires (although not as many explosions as I thought there would be), screaming, crashing, etc. I decided not to kill anyone. Yet. However, one character is about to lose her leg, so I think that will make things much more interesting.

Five 10 minute word wars were enough to help me reach my goal, but I did a sixth and a bit extra at the end to wrap up the scene. I wrote 2,723 words during this time.

I’m now two days ahead of my 75k goal! Well, I guess it’s now just technically one day, since it’s past midnight. The excitement of being so far ahead only lasted minutes, but it was well worth the extra writing. I may then take a well deserved day off for Thanksgiving tomorrow (er, it’s actually Thursday now), but this next scene will be hard to resist.

Total word count today: 3,213 words

Total word count: 57,584 words


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