NaNoWriMo: Day 20

I’m seriously not crying over the fact that this event is two-thirds over.

In fact, I’m just now starting to feel the strain. I know a lot of people doing this event feel it early on or during the middle of the month. But I always feel it right around this time. Maybe it’s because of Thanksgiving coming up and all the hustle and bustle associated with that holiday. Or, more likely, maybe I’m just getting tired of listening to my characters go on and on and on…

9:50 PM-11:30 PM: I was so excited. I got to bed early, got all prepared to write, did a bit of reading instead, and then realized I had procrastinated for a good hour instead of writing. Oh well.

My characters really know how turn a boring lull into a longer one. Seriously. I really wanted to write about all the explosions and the fleeing and the screaming and the possible loss of life (I’m still debating on whether I should kill a character, and, if so, who?), but my characters got to gossiping a bit instead, thus stretching out the scene. But don’t worry! All that fun stuff should be happening real soon now. 🙂

I did seven 10 minute word wars which helped me write 2,660 words. I think it was an overall good evening for word wars. My averages weren’t as high as yesterday, but they hovered around the 370 area. Which is still pretty good.

Total word count today: 2,660 words

Total word count: 54,371 words


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