NaNoWriMo: Day 19

Today is the day that I hit 50k.

I decided to do a pre-celebration by listening to some old 30 Seconds to Mars songs. In fact, I invented my main character (a much much older version of her that pretty much no longer exists) while listening to “Attack” many years ago. (I don’t know really how I did it, since the song has nothing to do with her. I was weird at the time. Still am, come to think of it.) Those songs brought back so many old memories, many of which involved some of my earliest concepts for this story. They were pretty embarrassing to think about.

9:50 PM-11:15 PM: My writing day tonight was short, for two reasons. One, during every one of the word wars, I got over 400 words (a new record for me worthy of celebration by itself!). And two, I want to celebrate this awesome day by allowing myself some extra sleep.

My characters today, well, they got slightly out of hand. I was able to control them, but they were able to sneak in some stupid things to say to each other. At times, they took over the scene with all their jabbering. I was able to get some paragraphs of description scattered around the scene to orient the reader (and myself), so I’m overall happy with tonight’s session.

Tomorrow, if I can get the story going, lots of things will be blown up. Explosions. People screaming. That kind of thing. 😀

So, six 10 minute word wars got me to 2,595 words today. I’m still so excited I hit 50k today. Last year, I won at the last minute, struggling to get the words out. But not this year! (I will sadly admit that it was because of all that annoying nonsense my characters added to the novel. Really. As much as I hate all their talking and arguing that adds absolutely nothing to the story, it really does make the word count sky rocket to jaw-dropping heights.)

Total word count today: 2,595 words

Total word count: 51,711


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 19

  1. Christi says:

    Congratulations on hitting 50K so soon! That takes some serious focus. I’m still working on getting there myself. 🙂

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