NaNoWriMo: Day 17

A little scary thing happened to me today. I almost lost my favorite writing pen! It’s pretty much irreplaceable, since it’s very sentimental, writes really nicely, and came from Japan. Although I do have another pen very similar to it (Dad also got that one from Japan), but it lacks all the writing memories that are associated with the first pen. I’m so glad I found where I had dropped it outside!

10:15 PM-11:155 PM: My characters today really behaved themselves. And when things did start getting a bit on the annoying side, others jumped in to put a stop to it. I’m very proud of them. (I’d give them each a gold star, but that would probably just create new problems.)

Thus begins the more grave and dangerous parts of my characters’ journeys. Finally! What probably should have taken place thousands of words ago is just beginning to happen now. I’m now wondering if this novel will make it past 80k or 85k. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a 75k goal, since that goal was just intended to make me finish the entire novel by the end of November.

Oh well. We’ll see where this goes as the end of the month draws closer.

So, seven 10 minute word wars were all that were needed to help me reach my goal. I wrote 2,633 words during this time.

Total word count today: 2,633 words

Total word count: 46,101 words


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 17

  1. Oh. My. Word. I’m so glad to find you…or that you found me…or however I became aware of you and your blog. Thank you for posting and congratulations on your amazing progress in Nano. I’m so discouraged right now; I thought I’d make such great headway this weekend and instead life took over. I wish you well, and will stop by often to see how things are going. Happy writing! 🙂

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