NaNoWriMo: Day 16

The month is now more than half way over. I’m not crying right now.

10:00 PM-11:40 PM: The word war thread was pretty active tonight, so there were no issues there. My issues tonight were more on the characters I had to deal with.

Everything was going pretty smoothly for my MC. We both got a little break from all the nonsense. But then, the other characters got out of hand. Again.

The scene I wanted to write was pretty straight forward, and it was going to include some serious topics for discussion during dinner. Instead, lots of annoying teasing, arguing, and a weird 260 word conversation on salad brought me at wits end.

The scene never went where I had wanted it to go, but I did manage to end tonight’s writing with my MC leaving the nonsense behind and striking up an important conversation with another character. I know things will start getting more interesting from there, and hopefully the pace will pick up more (all the nonsense has really slowed it down).

I spent this period writing during seven 10 minute word wars, with five minute breaks in between. I feel like I now have my writing down to a science. My brain has begun to associate 10:00 PM as writing time, and I usually can get 2,500 words written within six to seven 10 minute wars. Tonight, I ended up with a nice 2,642 words.

Total word count today: 2,642 words

Total word count: 43,468 words


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