My Writing in Graph Form

A graph showing the word counts each day during NaNoWriMo

A little graph I created. This one is much more detailed compared to the one on the NaNoWriMo website. Click to get a bigger version!

I thought it would be fun to include some graphs about my writing progress. I love graphs. I would update them every thirty seconds if I could. But then I wouldn’t have time to write, which would give me nothing to update.

If you don’t feel like trying to read what each line means, I’ll give some brief answers.

Blue line: Blue line is good line! This shows what my word count is each day.

Red line: This line tells me what my average word count is each day. It usually hovers around the 2,700 to 2,800 range.

Green line: This is the average number of words I need to write each day to make the NaNo goal of 50k. It’s pretty much a useless piece of data, since I’m aiming for a higher word count, but it just gives me something else to compulsively update. 😀

Yellow line: The most important line of them all. This is the average number of words I need each day to reach 75k by the end of the month. As long as the blue and red lines stay above this yellow line, I’m in good standing. Although, twice already (one for each of my two worst days), the blue line has dipped below the yellow. Not good!

If you’ve enjoyed looking at my progress so far, here’s another graph:

A graph showing my word count progress during NaNoWriMo

This one is just like the one on the NaNoWriMo site, except I included an extra line to show my goal of 75k.

This one is pretty straight forward. The blue line is what’s needed to reach 50k, while the green line is what I need for 75k. The yellow bars measure my growing word count each day.

Also, a quick note: I’m clueless when it comes to using Excel (well, I actually use the Mac equivalent), so I didn’t program the cells to do anything. I know you can program them to calculate things after plugging in a certain number, but I do all the math manually (basically, on the calculator on my computer). I just figure out all the word counts and averages and plug them in, and I change them all each time I update my word count. Yes, it’s tedious, but it’s extremely fun and addicting!

Do any of you Wrimos out there use graphs besides the one on the NaNo site? Are you addicted to updating your word count like me?


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