NaNoWriMo: Day 14

Turns out that we got home much earlier than I’d thought we would, so I still had plenty of time to write.

10:31 PM-11:55 PM: However, despite having lots of writing time, I didn’t use it very wisely. I tried, though. Really.

The 10 minute word war thread was empty for nearly an hour. I realized how dependent I’ve become on that thread, so, when no one’s around, I really suffer. Those wars keep me focused and competitive on my writing, enough so that I don’t get distracted.

So, even though I was ready to write a bit before 10:00, no one was around to war.

It also didn’t help that the story was really hard on me today. I’ve entered a rough spot where I needed to get all my characters to agree to do something. Getting them to agree on anything is next to impossible, let alone on this one particular issue. It was a good 1,500 words before the answer was clear. Thankfully, however, my characters took care of all the work for me (so, those first 1,500 words were actually a lot more important than I first thought), but the slowness they caused me cost me some words.

I did one 15 minute word war (because the 10 minute thread was empty), and then did four 10 minute wars when it came alive again. I have to say, 15 minute wars are just not right for me. They’re too long, and I get distracted much easier.

I also wrote between breaks when I realized writing 2.5k was going to be next to impossible with the time I had left. I wrote 2,075 words today, which makes it my second worst day this month. Last year, I would have been proud to attain this word count in one day. Now, I’m just angry at myself for being so dependent on those word wars!

Total word count today: 2,075

Total word count: 37,581



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