NaNoWriMo: Day 13

I can barely keep awake right now, so hopefully I can write about today’s day without too many typos.

10:00 PM-11:55 PM: What a day in the world of my characters. I finished up the attack scene I wrote yesterday, although it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Not a lot happened, as I’m trying to built up to the next big step that’s going to happen in the story.

The only thing that really shocked me was that one of my characters, who has major anger issues, apparently decided to not go with what I had planned. He’s supposed to be trying to change his ways to woo a girl he’s falling for, but he’s not trying very hard at all. He keeps blowing all these chances I give him to improve himself, and in turn the girl is getting colder towards him. I guess I’ll have to keep writing to find out if he changes in time enough to win her over.

The 10 minute word war thread was erratic again. I’m beginning to wonder if some people have given up on their novels, and that maybe that accounts for the less frequent posts in the thread. 😦

Anyway, I did seven 10 minute word wars, with a bit of writing between breaks. I managed to write 2,878 words, which I’m pretty proud of, considering the new scene I started is really not that fun.

I may have trouble getting writing done tomorrow, as I forgot about some plans we have later in the evening. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my writing done beforehand!

Total word count today: 2,878 words

Total word count: 35,506 words


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