NaNoWriMo: Day 11

This was an interesting day, writing-wise. I’m really excited at how the pace is starting to pick up!

2:35 PM-2:40 PM: The weather wasn’t as nice as I’d thought it’d be. Really cloudy and windy, although it was still on the warmer side. I got really distracted with watching a hawk and keeping the dogs in line, so I hardly got anything done. However, I was able to wrap up yesterday’s scene, so that worked out well.

I wrote for just 5 minutes, getting 102 words written.

10:20 PM-11:55 PM: The ten minute word war thread on the NaNo forms was strangely on the quiet side tonight. I had trouble finding people to war with, so I ended up doing a lot of writing while I waited for others to show up.

My story is getting so exciting! I know that probably doesn’t sound very surprising, since I’m writing it and must have a high level of interest to have gotten so far without totally giving up on it. Anyway, one of my characters has finally gone completely “insane.” At least, that’s kind of what all the other characters think. The right word would be “possessed.” It’s going to be a long time before anyone realizes what’s actually happening to the poor guy.

In addition to the character losing his mind, the other characters spent the majority of their time arguing as usual. They really don’t get a lot done since they’re always so busy teasing and yelling at each other. But that’s going to change soon! (Well, the getting-stuff-done part is. I don’t think the bickering ever will until revision time comes.)

I wrote for six 10 minute word wars, and I also wrote in between some of the longer breaks when the thread became quiet. I got 2,671 words written.

I’m so excited that I’ve been able to keep up with my goal of 75k this month. I’ve broken the 30k mark, so I’m nearing the halfway point!

Total word count today: 2,773 words

Total word count: 30,020


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