NaNoWriMo: Day 9

This was the poorest day of writing so far this month. I got a really late start (thanks to a really good movie on TV, which was on for three hours), and I didn’t have enough time to make up for it. So, I’ll probably just stay up into the wee morning hours working on adding lots of words for Day 10.

3:44 PM-3:55 PM: I tried to do some writing outside, but even tying two of the four dogs to a tree was distracting enough. I ended up feeling guilty and just taking them off their leashes. They gave me their thanks for freeing them by licking me to death.

I got started on the scary, suspenseful cellar scene, which was exciting and boring at the same time. If there even is such a thing. Exciting, because I knew about all the cool things coming up soon. Boring, because I just wanted to get through all this suspense making and jump to the really cool stuff.

I wrote for one 11 minute session. Not the most even number in the world, but it’s better than nothing. I wrote 234 words during this time (remember, typing on an iPod is slow business).

11:06 PM-11:57 PM: Yes, this was all really poorly timed. But, in my defense, I had to try to make up nearly 2,300 words! In less than an hour!

This is were the story was just getting plain fun. I sort of missed the cohort of humorous and random characters, as this scene was just my main character facing some pretty dark secrets and a scary cellar in the middle of the night. But, it’s still a lot of fun to write! In fact, I’m just sentences away from the really really good part! But I need to finish this post here first.

Because I arrived at an awkward time in the word war thread (everyone was in the middle of a war, and it would be awhile before another one came up), I wrote while I waited, and then ditched the wars so I could focus better. So, this time frame was made up of a 6 minute session (while I waited), two 10 minute word wars, and then one 17 minute session (because I was getting tired of taking five minute breaks and really had to focus on getting words written!). I got another 1,284 words added to my novel.

Sadly, I was unable to reach my goal today, even in those frantic last minute efforts. I couldn’t even make the 1,667 word goal every Wrimo needs to get to 50k. I feel like a complete idiot for choosing the movie over my writing and not having enough willpower to just say no.

But, there’s always tomorrow (although technically it’s today, since it’s after midnight).

Total word count today: 1,518 words

Total word count: 24,527 words


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