NaNoWriMo: Day 7

I really wasn’t in a good mood to write today. Life was getting in the way, and I didn’t want to lose more sleep, especially since I have speech class tomorrow (or, technically it’s today, since it’s past midnight).

But look what time it is now…

9:30 PM-11:50 PM: I planned on starting my writing day around 8:00 PM, but there is this thing called the internet, which is really distracting. After an hour and a half of time-wasting procrastination, I finally got my butt in bed and began to write.

I was a little lost when I first started writing. My characters had deviated so much from the outline, and I had just discovered that when I went to use it for assistance today. The outline is now pretty much useless. However, I’m glad my characters did what they did, as I realize now there were a lot of mistakes in my outline with what my characters were supposed to do.

Also, there was an interesting scene that came up that wasn’t in the outline. It was just spur of the moment, and I learned something new about a character I thought I already fully understood. I love those kinds of little surprises! They always make me smile, and the inspiration they provide is just awesome. I’m so looking forward to seeing what this character is going to do next!

I participated in six 10 minute word wars and wrote on my own for three 10 sessions. During this two hour (or roughly so) period, I wrote 3,341 words! That’s my best day so far this November! Not to mention a record word count for around a two hour period!

On top of all that, I broke 20k today! And here I originally didn’t want to write.

Total word count today: 3,341 words

Total word count: 20,002 words


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