NaNoWriMo: Day 6

Nothing much interesting happened today, aside from the writing.

3:41 PM-3:51 PM: I wanted to do some writing outside, but it proved a challenge. It’s really hard to focus when three dogs suddenly run off hunting some poor animal. I did manage to get a few words written, and I was able to wrap up a scene in between calling and scolding the dogs.

Just a 10 minute writing session, with 168 words written here.

9:10 PM-9:20 PM: I started getting back into my story, and things got a little interesting. I love when my characters start gossiping and get into petty arguments! It really reveals a lot about their personalities (and adds lots of words).

This was just a 10 minute word war with a friend. I wrote 356 words.

10:15 PM-11:40 PM: I should have just kept on writing, but, after the previous word war, the election results kept distracting me. So I wasted a nice amount of time comparing results from different websites and seeing what was happening in the swing states. But I eventually got back into my Scrivener file and put all my focus back onto my story (with occasional compulsive word count updates). The story wandered a bit, and my characters didn’t help solve that problem with all their gibbering. I’m still trying to learn how to shut them up and focus on things called description and setting.

I did six 10 minute word wars during this period, helping me boost my word count. I added another 2,125 words to my story.

So far, I’ve managed to keep on track to my goal of 75k this month. I haven’t missed a day, nor have I written below 2.5k for the past six days! Hopefully, I can keep this up.

Total word count today: 2,649 words

Total word count: 16,661 words


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