NaNoWriMo: Day 5

Trying to get back into school after a break for test studying and grieving the loss of my grandfather made it hard to get back into studying. So, most of my day was eaten up with trying to catch up on school work.

10:15 PM-11:50 PM: Just one big butt-in-chair writing session. Well, it was made up of many word wars (which are extremely motivating), but it felt like one long session to me. That so called “fun scene” I wrote yesterday has left me feeling like I have a case of writer’s block. I knew what was supposed to happen next in the story, but it was a chore trying to get those words out. I procrastinated and got a very late start on my writing, which just added to the sudden stress of needing a large number of words (but it was so much fun browsing the NaNoWriMo forums and reading random blog posts).

The story started picking up speed when midnight rolled around. However, while I really wish I could keep writing, it’s better to stop now and save that scene for tomorrow’s writing. It will make tomorrow much easier, and I’ll get more sleep too.

So, this block of time was made up of seven 10 minute word wars, with five minute breaks in between (except for one time when I just kept on writing into another 10 minute war). I wrote a total of 2,568 words during the wars.

If there is anyone struggling to get their word counts up during this crazy noveling month, I highly recommend word wars, preferably the ten minute ones. They are just the right amount of time needed to get a boost in the story, and a five minute break is perfect in between wars to recharge a bit. Plus, those five minutes leave little time for internet distractions and procrastinating, and those five minutes keep you focused on the story and characters while you update your word count and post your results on the forms.

Total word count today: 2,568 words

Total word count: 14,012


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