NaNoWriMo: Day 3

What another great day! Despite it storming all day outside and being stuck inside cleaning up my room (which I really should have done before November), I managed another large word count.

8:50 PM-10:40 PM: This was an amazing period for me. I finally was able to outsmart my main character and get back on track with the outline. Plus, there were some added bonuses with me trying to correct the mess; there was much more conflict, fueling the interest level I had in the story and inflating the word count.

Eight sessions made up this time frame (seven of them were word wars). There were seven 10 minute wars and one 15 minute writing session. I couldn’t believe it, but I wrote 2,562 words in less than two hours! Word wars really are the best.

11:00 PM-11:15 PM: I had already made my goal for the day, but I wanted to keep going. After a short break, I jumped back into the story, excited about where it would go next. My main character finally revealed something important to another character, although she risked a lot to do so. I’m saving the consequences of her decision for tomorrow.

This was just one 15 minute session, intended to wrap up the scene. I wrote 438 more words.

I’m now over a thousand words ahead of schedule.

Total word count today: 3,000 words

Total word count: 8,581 words


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