NaNoWriMo: Day 1

I started the day off by waiting till midnight and writing until two in the morning. Which really wasn’t the smartest thing to do on a week night, but it was worth it!

12:00 AM-2:00 AM: This was the most productive part of the day. I was surprised at how well the words flowed onto the page. My characters behaved themselves, and I didn’t need to look at my outline for guidance. While I was tired, I had a lot of fun returning to the creation of my characters’ world.

There were four sessions within this time frame: two 10 minute word wars and two 15 minute word wars with small breaks in between. I spent an additional ten minutes writing words in between these breaks. I racked up a total of 2,284 words during this two hour period.

11:40 AM: I wanted to write a little bit before class, as a great idea struck me on where the story should go next. After spending one minute composing two words, I got stuck, and decided it was best to save this scene for when my brain could focus better.

10:15 PM-11:05 PM: The scene got a little slow, and the words didn’t come out as smoothly. However, I decided to end in the middle of some conflict to help give me a good start tomorrow. While not in the outline, one of my characters decided on throwing and breaking dirty dishes to express his outrage. Angry characters make for some great conflict and dialogue.

There were three 10 minute sessions during this time frame with random breaks in between. I was able to write 763 words during this time frame.

Total word count for today: 3,049 words

Total word count: 3,049 words


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