NaNoWriMo: Day 28

I finished I finished I finished!!! 😀

10:15 PM-11:57 PM: This has been, by far, the easiest day of writing. The words just flowed from my fingertips. My characters and I were in perfect sync. The outline was frequently used for the first time in a while. Everything was on track.

So much so that, when I took my usual five minute break after a word war, I looked up at my daily word count and thought, “I’ve written 1,960 words already?!” After another war, I realized that those five minute breaks were actually hindering me.

Yes, I screwed the word wars. This was my night.

It was me against the clock. It wasn’t about word count, as I looked down at one point and realized I had passed 75k. It was about the story. I was in the heat of the climax, and I knew the story was going to draw to a rapid close very soon.

I wanted to get those last sentences in before midnight. I wanted to finish the story on Day 28 so I could say, “I wrote over 75,000 words in 28 days!” I wanted to finish it tonight while the scene was still fresh in my mind, so that I didn’t have to worry about writing the last paragraph tomorrow.

And I did it.

It took six 10 minute word wars and a 17 minute writing session, but I did it. Those 2,864 words sped by tonight so fast! I feel like I only wrote around 1,800 words or something small like that.

Total word count today: 2,864 words

Total word count: 75,780 words.

P.S. I listened to that Shinedown song last night, and I loved it! I got it for my iPod today, and I was humming it like crazy to myself as I wrote the climax. The lyrics in that song resonated so well with what I was writing. Again, music gave me something that complemented my writing.


NaNoWriMo: Day 27

I sort of had a bad day today. The bright side of it was that my foul mood spilled over into my writing, making the story more vivid and fun to write (and therefore making me feel like I’m ending my day on a happy note).

4:44 PM-?: Well, I tried something new today. I wrote while riding in the car! As you can see, I kept very poor time for this session, as I get carsick easily and only focused on writing one word at a time. I discovered that if the road remained perfectly straight and Mom drove at a consistent speed, I could look down for short periods of time without getting sick. And, if I held my iPod straight out in front of me, I could write for even longer periods. Still, with talking, music, and road noise, it was hard to focus. Thus, only 67 words were transferred from my head to the touchscreen.

10:00 PM-11:25 PM: Thanks to my mood, things went really smoothly in my story. My characters seemed quite down in the dumps like I did, so there wasn’t any stupid nonsense. Plus, they’re all planning on doing something quite daring (the climax is coming!), and the process of laying out the roadwork for it was extremely fun. Tomorrow, the climax will begin! And, depending on how long it’s going to be, I actually might finish the novel tomorrow! And, if not, I’m almost certain it will get done on the 29th of this month.

That very thought really got me thinking on a more positive note. 🙂

I only wrote for six 10 minute word wars, not really caring much for the word count. It was more to just keep me writing. I wrote 2,268 words during this time frame.

So, even though I didn’t make it to 2.5k today, I’m so far ahead with my 75k goal that I really don’t care any more. Plus, I ended the scene I was working on, so it only seemed natural to stop here for the night and continue with fun climatic scene tomorrow.

Plus, I wanted to reward myself before going to sleep with a new song that I heard in the car today. I’m not sure if I really like it or not (but from the bits I heard in the car, it sounded awesome!), so I want to listen to the song in full on YouTube (the song in question is “Enemies” by Shinedown).

Total word count today: 2,335 words

Total word count: 72,916 words

NaNoWriMo: Day 26

It’s so hard for me to believe that this is the last week of NaNoWriMo. All this fun just goes by way too fast.

10:00 PM-11:55 PM: Abe kept me company during my writing session, and is, at this very moment, curled up at the foot of my bed sleeping.

I’m now a little worried about finishing the novel by the end of the month. The purpose of going for 75k was to guarantee a finished story. At the moment, it looks like it’s going to be a challenge to wrap up this story. The climax is still a few scenes away, and, at the rate I’m going, two scenes will be a day’s worth to write. (My scenes tend to be very long.)

At least, though, I had no trouble with my characters. They have so many problems right now that there isn’t any time for them to squeeze in their nonsense. I mean, how can you joke around and argue over trivial things when one of your friends has become a hostage and another became a traitor and had to be killed?

With all this exciting stuff to write, I managed to crank out 3,083 words during eight 10 minute word wars. I’m now over 70k, and have less than 4.5k to go to reach my goal. But, like I said before, the real goal is to finish the story before November ends.

Yeah, I may just be doomed after all.

Total word count today: 3,083 words

Total word count: 70,581 words

Meet My Favorite Writing Companion

A black and white cat laying in the sunlight shining in the room.

This is our cat, Abe. We named him after Abraham Lincoln due to his little black beard.

Say hello to the cat that keeps me on my toes!

Abe and I have an interesting relationship. I like to think of it as an “annoy-love” relationship. He bugs me when he feels affectionate, and I bug him when I feel affectionate. Rarely do we both feel affectionate towards each other at the same time.

But this changes during NaNoWriMo.

You see, during most of the year, I keep my bedroom door closed so he can’t come in. It’s not that I don’t love him or hate to have him snuggle with me. It’s more a matter of protecting my zoo of caterpillars and preserving my sanity when he comes bugging me at five in the morning for food.

However, during the colder months, when I’m done rearing caterpillars and the shorter days trick him into waiting until seven to start meowing for breakfast, I let him join me in my bed. We both enjoy this time together very much.

Abe is a smart cat, and he seems to know when I’m writing my novel during November. He’ll come in as I’m getting ready for bed, turning up his loudest purr and feather dancing all around my shower curtains while I brush my teeth. (In case you’re curious, feather dancing is when a cat lifts its tail up and quivers. They do it when they are extremely happy to see you.)

Once I climb into bed and prop my laptop up on my knees, Abe will nudge himself under the blankets. My drawn up knees form a natural “tent,” under which he eagerly snuggles. He’ll sleep there for as long as I’m writing, only coming out just short of when I’m finished for the night (I don’t know how he knows when I’m nearly done, but he does).

He’ll sleep at the foot of my bed once I’m done, and he will remain there for most of the night. He’ll then leave early in the morning to go bug Mom for food and will occasionally come back to bug me. (He has his routine down to a science with Mom, so he doesn’t bother me as much.)

If you’re wondering what exactly he does to Mom to get food (and, by extension, everyone else, although much less cruel), here’s a brief list: he pulls her hair, bites her nose, licks her face and eyes, sits on her face or head, smacks her with his paws (they really are strong; he holds his own against the dogs with his ninja-like slaps!), purrs really loudly, meows loudly, makes the other cat hiss to create more noise, knocks things off the nightstand, and rips any paper or plastic he can find in the room.

And if I let him in my room during the summer, well, I don’t think my caterpillars would last for very long.

Does anyone else out there have a favorite writing companion? Does it happen to be a cat that is equal parts love and annoyance?

NaNoWriMo: Day 25

Yes, if you’re wondering, I didn’t do any writing yesterday. Well, okay, I actually did.

I wrote one sentence in my notebook as we sat in our car before my grandfather’s memorial service started. But, since I never got it typed up yesterday, I decided that I would count it as today’s writing instead. Besides, it was only 11 words.

I really truly didn’t want to miss a day this month, but spending the day with my extended family just…well, let’s just say, if you ever met them, you’d completely understand.

To make up for it, I had the crazy idea of shooting for 5k today; 2.5k for yesterday, and then another 2.5k for today. I already know I’ve been insane for aiming for 75k this month. Why not add a little more insanity?

8:25 PM-11:35 PM: The insanity begins. I had reason enough to do some math, and concluded that I could easily write 1,400 words in an hour with word wars. Four hours would bring me to 5,600 words, so I would have to start around 8:00 PM-ish to be certain I would make the goal.

I did start late, but that didn’t deter me.

And, my goodness, aiming for that many words in one day does bring out the worst in one’s characters. Or it just brings out the worst in me, and therefore made me decide to kill off one of my characters. Even though said character was a dog, she was a very important dog (and character) to the story.

She is sorely missed by everyone except me. Rest in peace, Tiffy. *Cue sad music and evil laugh.*

Now, down to all the numbers. I had originally thought I would need about fifteen or sixteen word wars to bring me to my goal. Instead, thirteen 10 minute word wars with 5 minute breaks in between brought me well past the line! Including the eleven words I wrote yesterday (because it makes the number more even, and I like even numbers), I wrote 5,130 words! That is a record I don’t think I’ll ever beat or come close to again! My previous record for most words in one day was around 3,400 words.

This just goes to show that, with determination, focus (no distractions!), insanity, and a bit of math, anything is possible.

Total word count today: 5,130 words

Total word count: 67,498 words

P.S. I forgot to mention that validating started today! I’m now officially a NaNoWriMo winner! I will proudly display the appropriate web badges if/when I figure out how to put them up on my blog.