Editing Troubles

Well, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I wish I could say I’ve been busy editing, but that would be a lie. I’m really behind on my 20 hour editing goal for the month, and I can’t seem to get motivated enough to catch up. I’m still stuck on the same old scene, and, while I had a lot of fun writing it during NaNoWriMo, I’m finding it boring to edit.

So, instead, I’ve been procrastinating; namely, reading books, browsing the internet, doing school, going outside for long walks, and babysitting Otto (he’s finally about potty-trained, but he still likes chewing things he shouldn’t and gets into everything).

I’m only at about 3 hours, when I should be at 8. I guess 3 hours is better than none at all, but I feel like I’m in an editing funk. There’s nothing I can to do make myself sit down and revise. Actually, there was one day, after being in the car most of the afternoon and listening to some good music. I was so pumped with creative energy, I couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to work! However, after getting home and unloading the groceries, we had to turn right around and go to a church dinner. Sure, I was excited about the dinner, but I knew deep down that it was going to ruin my wanting-to-edit mood.

And it did.

After getting home, all I wanted was to go straight to bed. I didn’t even bother turning on my computer to try to get some changes made to the story.

I know that If I didn’t get car sick, I would have sat there in my seat and typed my changes and ideas on my iPod touch. But I get nauseous so easily on the curvy country roads that it was no use even trying.

I have yet to get that exciting creative mood back. No matter how much music I listen to (including some new songs I downloaded recently), I can’t find that wonderful energy to continue on my novel. I’m hoping the rest of the month isn’t so bleak.


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