Spring Butterfly

A freshly emerged male Falcate Orangetip butterfly.

Today, the first of my overwintering pupae hatched. It was the little male Falcate Orangetip that I raised from an egg last year.

I found him this morning clinging to the glass of the aquarium, letting his fresh, damp wings dry after just shortly eclosing. He’s an absolute beauty! Those stunning marbled wings and the bright orange spot on his upper wing tip mark the true arrival of spring (Falcate Orangetips are butterflies found only during the spring).

I also used the opportunity to use the new flash I received for Christmas to take his picture. I do a lot of butterfly photography, so it just seemed right to use the flash on him. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the various settings, hence the dark background. The pic was taken in my bedroom while the little guy rested on a piece of drift wood.

Afterward, I tried getting his picture outside. I almost lost him, but in the brief time he sat on a garlic mustard flower, I was able to get one last photo of him before the wind blew him away. You can really see the bright orange on his wings, although the photo doesn’t do him justice.

The same male, resting on a garlic mustard flower.

Falcate Orangetips live in the eastern US and are found in wooded areas. They can only be seen in spring, as their life cycle takes about a year from egg to adult, so now is the perfect time to enjoy them!


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