Friday’s Tornado

I’m so thankful that we weren’t hit with Friday’s tornados, although it was pretty close.

After the weather alert radio warned us of a tornado, we grabbed our pets, laptops, and a few special possessions and headed to the basement. We watched the storm through the back door windows, while keeping an eye on the weather radar on our computers.

It was really scary. We normally get one or two tornado warnings a year in the spring time, but mostly they are warnings of “storms that could possibly produce tornados.” But this storm was different, mostly because big pieces of sheet metal, siding, and insulation were falling from the sky into our fields!

Quarter-sized hail soon followed, and I feared that it would crack the windows. The pelting was really loud, and, combined with the roaring wind, it was hard to hold a conversation with my family.

But soon the worst of the storm passed, and we were safe to go back upstairs. Our house didn’t receive any damage and everyone was safe. I later went outside to pick up some of the debris, and found all kinds of things. Papers from destroyed towns, siding, a huge piece of sheet metal with peeling green paint, a really torn up shoe, and lots of bits of pink and yellow insulation.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost all of their possessions or lost loved ones to the storm.


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